“Re-Thinking”: Creative Feminist Perspectives on International Human Rights Law

10151822_782327295130741_1364116860_nCreative Feminist Perspectives on International Human Rights Law

Law plays an important role in constructing and reproducing THE truth. By reading legal texts through different glasses we seek to explore hidden aspects of international human rights law. At the seminar we will be discussing the international law on human rights and the implications regarding migrant/asylum-seekers, LGBT-rights, female rape victims and human trafficking.


Cecilia Mörner – Vulnerability in Human Rights Law – the Example of Migrants/Asylum-seekers
Sara Bengtson – Gendering in Human Rights Law: On LGBT Rights in an European Context
Azaliah Mapombere – Myths Surrounding Rape and the Female Rape Victim
Lynn Pasterny – The Perfect Victim in the International Response to Human Trafficking
(Lund University, Faculty of Law)

The seminar will be conducted in English.

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