Creative Feminist Perspectives on International Human Rights Law

IMG_1520IMG_1542Feminist Dialog March 29:th, Inkonst, Malmoe

The second and interesting seminar of  “Re-thinking…” dealt with

Creative Feminist Perspectives on International Human Rights Law.

The seminar topics were the highly actual matters of vulnerability in human rights law regarding migrants and asylum seekers, the gendering in human rights law on LGBT rights in a European context, the myths surrounding rape and the female rape victim and last but not least, perfect victim in the international response to human trafficking.

The speakers’ knowledge about historical and current decisions from various European courts and their ability to both challenge the framework and to Re-think the structures with creative feminist perspectives was appreciated and discussed in depth with the audience.

It became very clear through the seminar that feminist perspectives are essential to achieving Human rights  law.

Feminist Dialog wishes to thank:
Cecilia Mörner, Sara Bengtsson, Azaliah Mapombere and Lynn Pasterny.

A recap of the seminars will soon be published.

 Photo: Shirin Ardalan