Etthundra år av immigrantkvinnor i Malmö

Etthundra år av immigrantkvinnors historia i Malmö synliggörs i ett samarbete mellan den internationellt kända aktivisten, feministen och journalisten Parvin Ardalan, nätverket Feminist Dialog och Malmö Museer –>


[Re]^Thinking of Women’s Role in Conflicts and War

Feminist Dialog will take the first steps toward feminist re-thinking by inviting those who have lived or are living in different conflict situations, regions of war and militaristic locations.Most of women and children are victims of the situation. However we would like to talk, discuss and analyze the women’s activism and resistance in order to reduce and stop the different forms of violence. We will demonstrate the need for such moments of meetings and sharing in order to expand the area of feminist analysis.

This project will carry out in the form of a series of film screenings and seminars and will develop into a range of wider Feministic Encounters and Meetings in the future.